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THESOCCERLIST is fierce about soccer. We are all Soccer all the time. If it isn’t on the pitch, then we aren’t interested. We are raising the bar with our laser and detailed focus on quality, reliability and our comprehensive evaluation of everything related to the game.

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Player Lists: This is our list of the best of the best players in the game today. Our lists include players who demonstrate a command of the technical, physical, mental and tactical aspects of the game. These are the players with high soccer IQ, a keen understanding of teamwork and they are the ”go to” players on the field. We consider a player’s overall contribution to the team. buy diazepam online Clearly, we can’t attend every game. We look at videos when available. We talk to coaches. We consider academy, ODP, PDP rosters and tournaments. We scout often. We attend other top tournaments around the nation to evaluate players. We do consider stats, but they aren’t definitive.
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