Player Lists This is our list of the best of the best players in the game today. Our lists include players who demonstrate a command of the technical, physical, mental and tactical aspects of the game. These are the players with high soccer IQ, a keen understanding of teamwork and they are the ”go to” players on the field. We consider a player’s overall contribution to the team. Clearly, we can’t attend every game. We look at videos when available. We talk to coaches. We consider academy, ODP, PDP rosters and tournaments. We scout often. We attend other top tournaments around the nation to evaluate players. We do consider stats, but they aren’t definitive.

Club Lists Top clubs are consistently developing great players and evolving the sport. We consider the overall club record at league, championships and tournaments. We evaluate regional and national strength. We also consider club and player development opportunities. Clearly, clubs are expected to foster player development, teamwork and leadership. Good clubs are dedicated to mental, physical, emotional and technical growth of their players. But today’s elite clubs are taking it to another level: Focused attention on injury prevention, player marketing, college Id. Top clubs demonstrate a broad adoption of new technologies in club development, including social media marketing and communication. They are active in their community by supporting matters like elimination of bias in the sport and building parks and facilities within their communities. They lead.

Team Lists We base our lists on league, championships and even top tournament results. We also consider the strength of overall competition. We observe showcase tournaments, but they are not definitive in our evaluation.

Coaches List Elite coaches are leaders in the game. They develop players, transform teams and have a proven record of success. We consider conference and tournament results. We consider overall strength of schedule.

THESOCCERLIST respects the game and our audience. We provide a comprehensive and intensive review of every list in order to evaluate its fairness and accuracy. We aren’t perfect and we want your feedback. Please refer to our Terms of Use for additional guidelines on using our site.

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